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Has the World Recorded First Successful Rectal-Ovary Transplant?

Has the World Recorded First Successful Rectal-Ovary Transplant?

Peris Gachahi

Claims that the world has recorded its first successful rectal-ovary transplant have been shared on InstagramYouTube and blogs such as Nigerian based The State Online and Kenya-based Sonko News.


The baby options for gay couples and individuals today are available thanks to laws in various countries that have protected LGBT individuals’ rights to marriage and adoption or surrogacy.  According to New life Kenya, 27 countries around the world and in some sub-national territories are in favor of gay adoption.


The original article by World News Daily Report, a self-described satirical website, was published on September 9, 2020.

The made-up story reads in part, “The LGBTQ community worldwide has received the news of the rectal birth with open arms as the revolutionary medical procedure could enable millions of fertility-challenged couples to procreate.”

At the top of the page below the name of the site, it reads, ‘Where facts don’t matter’.

The site also includes a disclaimer at the bottom of each page that says:

World News Daily Report assumes all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content.

A Google reverse image search shows that the picture used in the article is from 2014. According to a report by CBC News dated July 4, 2014, “The photo by Gananoque, Ont., photographer Lindsay Foster shows BJ Barone and Frank Nelson holding son Milo, born to a surrogate, for the first time.”

It also says that the baby was born during Toronto’s World Pride celebration, to a surrogate mother not related to the couple.

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Aside from the misidentified photos and a disclaimer at the bottom of the story, there are other indications that the story is false. A Google search for one Dr Peter Krisnawasti mentioned as having supervised the revolutionary medical procedure, yields no results outside the context of the satirical article.

However, a Google reverse image search for the photograph of the said doctor reveals that his real name is Dr Samir Kapadia, MD, of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The World News Daily Report website is included in misinformation directory, which lists websites that spread misinformation on the Internet.


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