Problematic Accounts, Publishers and Posts

michael salzwedel

Identifying and fighting misinformation: a practical overview for journalists
Identifying problematic accounts, publishers and posts on Facebook and Twitter
Techniques and tools for identifying fake or manipulated images and video content 
Recommended fact-checking and debunking resources: guides, tools, communities

Michael Salzwedel is a digital media trainer specialising in digital storytelling, social media for journalism, social media “listening,” and helping organisations identify trends in social media information and misinformation relevant for their mission. He helps individual journalists and newsrooms embrace mojo (mobile journalism) and other tools for effective storytelling and meaning-making. In his collaborations with businesses, non-government organizations, media and learning institutions, including the South African Broadcasting Corporation and Code for Africa’s StoryLab Academy, the guiding principle is always to put the story front and centre, using the best tools for the job.

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