Understanding the Fake News Audience

Alex Jagi Bibanovic

In this section, you can find the tools to fact check stories that might be fake news or disinformation

Aleksandar Bibanovic 

Aleksandar Bibanovic, also known as Alex Jagi, is an investigative researcher and analyst in the field of human rights, particularly freedoms of speech, expression and the media, with twenty years’ background in the media and more than ten years in behavioural research science.

His main focus over the past five years has been the research and investigation of online forms of violent extremism, extreme, illegal and harmful content on the Clearnet, and their effects on the public, as well as prevention and removal of such content when possible.

He managed, created or co-authored many large-scale projects and campaigns promoting freedom and democracy in countries in transition, most recently as a chief supervisor of a successful two-year campaign against hate speech in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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