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Is This Video Showing Police Brutality in Nigeria?By Moffin Njoroge · 15,520 Replies · 166,952 ViewsLast post: 3 mins ago · Guest
Is Nigeria ranked 3rd on the 2020 Global Terrorism Index?By Admin · 80,217 Replies · 126,259 ViewsLast post: 3 mins ago · Guest
Did Lagos teaching hospital admit 500 COVID-19 patients a day?By Niyi Oyedeji · 29 Replies · 347 ViewsLast post: 3 days ago · Guest
Has President Trump Announced Permanent E-Visas for Kenyans?By Admin1 Reply · 131 ViewsLast post: 1 week ago · Guest
Is Getting New Tattoos a Cure for Coronavirus?By Peris Gachahi1 Reply · 272 ViewsLast post: 1 month ago · Guest
Is Safaricom Giving Cash Gifts to Loyal Subscribers?By Admin2 Replies · 1,116 ViewsLast post: 2 months ago · Guest
Did Dubai ban Nigerians from entering due to alleged criminality?By Admin0 Replies · 175 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · Admin
Is WHO Offering Home-Based Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic?By Admin0 Replies · 208 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · Admin
Has China Reported Tick-Borne Virus Related Infections?By Admin0 Replies · 196 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · Admin
TestBy Admin0 Replies · 203 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · Admin
FACT-CHECK: Is the United Nations creating a new country out of Nigeria and Cameroon?By Opeyemi Kehinde0 Replies · 230 ViewsLast post: 11 months ago · Opeyemi Kehinde
11 months ago
Opeyemi Kehinde
Is This Video Showing Police Brutality in Nigeria?By Moffin Njoroge0 Replies · 247 ViewsLast post: 12 months ago · Moffin Njoroge
12 months ago
Moffin Njoroge
Have Teenage Pregnancies in DR Congo Increased Due to COVID-19 Containment Measures?By Peris Gachahi0 Replies · 235 ViewsLast post: 12 months ago · Peris Gachahi
Peris Gachahi
12 months ago
Peris Gachahi