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Did Kenya Red Cross Society Launch Humanitarian Recruitment Programme to Assist With COVID-19 Outbreak?

Did Kenya Red Cross Society Launch Humanitarian Recruitment Programme to Assist With COVID-19 Outbreak?

Peris Gachahi

This Facebook post claims that the Kenya Red Cross is urgently recruiting 700 people to assist in humanitarian work in areas heavily affected recently by heavy rains and the COVID-19 outbreak. The post is allegedly open to all degree, diploma and certificate holders.


The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has always been at the forefront of Kenya’s emergency response. It was established on 21 December 1965, through the Kenya Red Cross Society Act and officially recognized by the government as a voluntary aid society, auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field and as the only National Red Cross Society that carries out its activities in the Kenyan territory.

Over the years, KRCS has remained the leading humanitarian agency and brand in Kenya. The society has also created numerous opportunities in terms of careers and volunteer work.



A search for the Kenya Red Cross pages shows that on Facebook, their page is verified and has over 200,000 followers. Though both pages have the same profile picture and cover photo, the page that shared the recruitment post is unverified and has 366 followers.

Note that the verified page reads ‘Kenya Red Cross Society’ with the user name @RedCrossKE while the unverified one just reads ‘Kenya Red Cross’ with no user name.

The claim also provides a link to a Google form to complete the job application. A look at the society’s official website in the careers section shows that there are no open positions.


The photos used in the recruitment advertisement were shared by the society’s official page in this tweet, as being part of their food distribution within Nairobi in the month of May:


The advertisement has since been called out by the society as a hoax, warning its members not to fall for the fake recruitment, making it clear that ‘the society only advertises job openings on its official platforms and daily newspapers.’ They also shared a letter of receipt of the said application labelled ‘fake’.


The Kenya Red Cross recruitment advertisement is a hoax, making the claim, FALSE.

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